Our Approach 

Our approach focuses on education and consideration so that every client I see knows exactly where they stand, what the risks are and what they are prepared to do about it.


Our 4-step process

My mission is to never have to hear someone who has walked through my doors say, “If only someone had told me, I just didn’t know”.

Each client that I meet, whether they become a client or not will leave my office with a better understanding of their personal finances and having made an educated choice.

For those that become our clients, our promise is that we will be there for them along the way, but especially when they need us most.

On our first meeting, we ask you to complete a short questionnaire online before your meeting to get a basic understanding of your situation and what areas of help you require. 

That allows us to spend your first meeting finding out what is important to you and understand any important considerations such as financial, health or other concerns. 

We understand that you may be looking into this aspect of your life for the first time, so we go through basic concepts (Katherine loves to draw and map out concepts for her clients) to help you feel more confident about various ideas.

After your meeting, we commit to researching your current arrangements and research potential solutions that we feel may help you.

At your second meeting (usually 1 week later) we show you our analysis of your situation and what you may wish to change.

This is presented in a discussion paper that you can take home with you.  This outlines your various desired outcomes and the options and costs for making these changes.  

We understand that sometime the outcome you want may not always be within your budget so we pre-prepare a range of protection packages covering your most basic needs to the complete package. Our educational and consultative approach ensures that you play an active role in the decision process. 

At our third and final meeting, we present you with your Statement of Advice which details our final recommendations and advice based on the decisions you have made regarding the path you wish to take.

We typically also use this meeting to help you implement the recommended changes, guiding you through the process.

Following your final meeting with us, we continue to work on your putting your plan to work and ensuring everything is set up to completion including negotiating with insurers and guiding you on whether an offer of cover is fair and reasonable based on what’s available.

We support you throughout the life of your cover.

Whether it is from simple administration such as updating your policy, payment or account details when changes occur. We also offer reviews as needed and assistance in the claim process to help you when you need it most. 

Even if you have never used our services for organising your insurances, is you or your loved one experiences a diagnosis such as terminal illness or are worried you can never work again, we can help you in the claims process for any policy you may already have through your superannuation or other providers.

At Hayes & Co Insurance Services we believe that protecting the life you’ve built and your future is important for not only you, but the people in your life…How? Here’s what my clients say…

“Katherine sets the benchmark when it comes to depth and quality of research, and providing her clients with tailored, independent, and unbiased risk solutions.

I appreciate most about Katherine’s approach to advice is the enormous pride and care she applies to educate her clients throughout the advice process.”

Geoff Mulray

Sales Development Manager

“Having seen other risk advisers before, I was impressed by Katherine’s unique approach to advising clients.

Notwithstanding that I have worked in the financial services industry for over 7 years (in banks and financial services firms), this was the first time that I had ever experienced or seen an adviser take such a personal and holistic approach to
risk advice.

Vik Sundar

Director, Practice Leader

“She took all the stress out of the claim process by explaining every step, dealing with the insurer, ensuring I received all my
entitled benefits.

Her service is truly outstanding, equaled by her professionalism, knowledge and warm personality.

I have referred many friends to Katherine, several of whom are interstate and only deal with her on the phone. They have all echoed my experience of Katherine”

Karen - Brisbane

“I took Katherine’s advice on insurance, including income protection and trauma cover after adjusting a few minor details to suit my circumstances.

I appreciate most about Katherine’s approach to advice is the enormous pride and care she applies to educate her clients throughout the advice process.”

Amith - Canberra

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New clients are welcome to call for inquiries or use the link on this page to book an appointment. Existing clients, please contact the office directly. We prioritize and reserve specific times for you to ensure timely reviews and provide claims support when needed.