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About Katherine Hayes

Katherine Hayes is the Director of Hayes & Co. Katherine has been working in the financial services industry since 2004 and has specialized in providing personal protection strategy advice since 2008. Katherine has won multiple awards for her role as a risk specialist and customer service awards. Katherine is a published author and the co-host of the personal-finance education podcast Money Madams.

In addition to providing personal protection solutions for her clients, Katherine is a Director and member of her professional association the Financial Advice Association of Australia (FAAA) and sits on the advisory board of a major insurance company. Being passionate about the industry, these additional roles provide Katherine with the opportunity to have input into policy direction, product design, client service standards and advocacy matters that impact her clients and the industry as a whole.

Aside from her work life, Katherine is a keen gardener and a mum to 3 boys.

Please note that the waiting time for new clients to book in for an initial appointment is typically 6-10 weeks, if you are an existing client, or your situation is urgent, please contact the office to book your appointment.

About Cynthia Bentazal

Cynthia has worked alongside Katherine since 2019, starting her industry journey as an office assistant in 2007. After four years of self-funded college, she gained diverse experience in sales, billing, customer service, and training. Cynthia’s keen interest in continual learning led to a second degree, making her a Licensed Professional Teacher.

Her extensive industry experience makes her a versatile Personal Assistant to Katherine Hayes and Team Leader. In this role, she excels in drafting financial documents, overseeing applications, managing claims, and supporting Katherine’s to deliver expert financial advice through managing the team and task delegation.

Outside work, Cynthia loves to spend time relaxing in nature, cherishing her role as a devoted mother to her 5-year-old son. Her love for books and movies complements her family connections, expressed through daily conversations.

About Leny Sosas Pingcas

Meet Leny: A Dedicated Mother and Virtual Assistant.

With a solid foundation in Communication and Professional Education, Leny embarked on her journey as a Virtual Assistant in 2018, joining Hayes & Co in 2021. Leny is responsible for onboarding new clients, curating all meeting materials, crafting discussion papers, statements of advice, and overseeing the review meeting process.

Beyond her thriving career, Leny finds purpose in volunteering within her community. As a proud mother to her beloved daughter Artemis, Leny’s commitment to both her family and her profession shines brightly in all that she does.

About Charity Joy Bajade

Charity joined Hayes & Co in 2021 with her passion for client-centric service. Her role includes diligently tending to ad-hoc requests, ensuring client satisfaction and retention, efficient claims management, and seamlessly executing action items post-review meetings. Charity’s dedication to provide the highest level of support to clients reinforces Hayes & Co’s commitment to exceptional financial services.

In her free time, she enjoys quality moments with her close-knit family and friends, cooking, and watching reality-based movies. But above all, her heart truly belongs to her beloved dogs and she delights in the joy of bonding with them.